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At Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc. our drivers are a key part of everything we do.  The safety, satisfaction, and well being of our drivers is a high priority of our company!


Slidell, LA

TEAM DRIVER/ 1,000,000 Mile Driver/10+ YEARS OF SERVICE

Why do you like working for Western? As a team driver, I know this is a good paying job! If you are of a team mind, the pay is excellent. The company is also a good one to work for, the managers are very courteous and professional, they are very flexible with the schedule, it feels like family and not just job.”

Do you like the equipment? We stay in good, up to date equipment. We have new model trucks that are reliable, you don’t have to worry about the truck not starting. If there is a problem, they are good about quickly getting you into something else, they keeping you rolling, not sitting around waiting on repairs.


Bellville, TX

SOLO Driver


Why do you like working for Western? I like the flexibility with the schedule, they always work with me when I need a day off or have something to do

What is Western like to work for? Western is like a close knit family, we work really well together as a team, it is a neat dynamic!

Do you like the equipment? I really like the new trucks, they are really neat! The company works hard to keep me in good equipment.


Tampa, FL



Why do you like working for Western? I like Western because the people that run Western see drivers as primary and treat you like family. We are not just a driver or a number, we are treated like a person who is an important part of the company.  

Does Western care about you? Western likes to work with the drivers, they try to encourage drivers to become better drivers. They encourage you to get better with training and support, they worry about your safety! For them it is not about discipline, it is about how to help a driver better themselves.

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